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There are two bands sharing the name Rescuer: 1. Rescuer is a punk band from Tampa, Florida. Rescuer is - JP Marra- Vocals, Danny Quinlan - Guitar/Vocals, Michael Gorgen - Guitar/Vocals, Evan Miller - Bass & Chris Krause - Drums Useful Links - Facebook || Tumblr || Big Cartel Merchandise. 2) Rescuer was a hardcore band from Adrian, Michigan that had their start playing metallic hardcore, and eventually strayed into elements of grindcore, crust punk, and sludge near the end of their existence. Formed in the fall of 2007, they released a three-song demo in January 2008 and a five-track EP, "Collapsed", in summer of 2009. As of April 2010, the band has since gone under the moniker Discerned.

Rescuer Videos (15)

"Faded Youth"
"Dead Ends"
"Too Far Gone"
"Bring Me Back"
"Settled Ground"
"Locked Inside Feat. Will Steinbrecher"
"Locked Inside"
"Watch Over Me"

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Rescuer Photo