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Formed: 2009
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Athens, GA's breakout sexy groove machine Imagine you take a giant stuffed panda bear and you animate it using sparkling ultraviolet ray pulses. You also take Big Bird. You put them in a room to fight to the death with marshmallow swords. But then you realize that there is no such thing as death and so really they're just hitting each other, and every time they hit each other rainbows bounce off the walls and little morsels of marshmallow blast off. Until eventually the whole room is plastered with beating rainbow bits of marshmallow and then you melt it down into a soup and everyone eats and we cure world hunger like that. That's how Reptar sounds.

Reptar Videos (15)

"Isoprene Bath"
"Natural Bridge"
"New House"
"Ghost Bike"
"Please Don’t Kill Me"
"Three Shining Suns"
"Water Runs"
"Three Shining Suns"
"Sweet Sipping Soda"
"Houseboat Babies"
"Water Runs"
"Water Runs (official Audio)"

Reptar Photos (1)

Reptar Photo