Rehasher PROFILE

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Formed: 2002
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Upcoming Shows: 0

REHASHER started when Jake moved to gainesville in 2002. We bashed out some of Geis and Jake's old band "HomeTeam" songs and really had fun playing blast speed stuff. I had recorded those dudes at The Moathouse. Geis had some songs, and I had some songs, wrote a few together and pretty soon, we had the songs that make up "Offkey Melodies". We did a few gigs here and there, Played the FEST I, and even had a little van tour up the east coast for a few weeks. (The transmission blew and we lost our asses on the tour.) Afterwards, we would play here and there, but other interests and other gigs slowly started taking precedence. I still ended up writing songs that fit the mold and wanted to make a 2nd Rehasher album. One of the songs was an instrumental we had around the "Offkey" days, so Geis and i wrote lyrics to that one and he sang that song ("Saving Face") We had some collaboration on a couple songs, but the rest of the album i wrote on my own. Jake came in to the studio and did the drums for the whole album in one day, shredzilla style. I proceeded to take my sweet time on the songs, playing all the bass and guitars, and refining the lyrics. I actually sang the majority of those tracks after hours while recording LTJ's GNV FLA. Alas, the 2nd album finally came out titled, "High Speed Access to my Brain". We only played a handful of shows after it was released. I thought it was kind of over. Flash forward a few more years and I have a bunch of unused songs sitting around. There were a few fast 'blast speed' songs that are reminiscent of older Rehasher, but since that was 10 years before, I feel like i was getting into a new phase of song writing. Three different friends played drums on songs that would eventually be “Make The Noise. I’m pretty proud of those songs. Alex played drums on a bunch of those. When his punk band broke up, he asked me if i knew anyone looking to play some punk rock and I replied, “Why don’t we just do some Rehasher shows?” After a quick call to our mutual best bud and ripping bass player, Tony Tones, we had a few jams, got a few shows, had a blast playing together. In the last year, we’ve had a chance to play some pretty cool gigs, and now the story gets to be continued! Just played our first fly in show in Chicago and there are a pile of songs growing and mutating as i type this...

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