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From the tumultuous times of the late 80s hip hop scene, fueled by reactionary crews such as Public Enemy, NWA, Gangstarr and A Tribe Called Quest, a break from the carefree attitudes of rap music as they were then was achieved. Rhymes and soundscapes were more angst than gangs, more saying what you think than describing what you're blingin. Backpacker rap was born. A seemingly borderless demographic stood up to present their unique work, with a few crews graduating from the indie market to much larger label-backed success. Rawkus Records, the Hieroglyphics crew, Jurassic 5, The Living Legends, The Wu-Tang Clan, Anticon Records, Company Flow and Definitve Jux: all were at the forefront of this new movement. White suburban kids, skaterboys and college undergrads became a strong fixture in support of hip hop. Access to home studio equipment became more affordable, and the internet became a major conduit for this new branch in hip hop music. From the States, backpacker rap quickly spread to other lands. The Rebel Scum is a direct product of this new environment. The members - Cliq, Illson, MicWreck, HQA and WordsManifest - having been active in making and performing hip hop music since 1998, from various crews, came together as one unit in 2000. Preferring to rely on their own resources and to come out with their own sound, they built up their own home studio and began dropping joints online. To fund their projects, they set up a company and provided creative multimedia support for other grassroots artists in the community. Shows and radio play followed, but TRS has stuck to its philosophy of pushing envelopes and challenging the status quo. "An Urban Distaste For The Concrete" is an 9 track-deep foray into The Rebel Scum's experiments with themselves, and their views on hip hop, their journey so far, and life in the Klang Valley. The first single, entitled WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), is already on rotation on national radio stations Red 104.9 FM and Another track from the CD, Where Are You?, has been included in DJ Fuzz's international hip hop mixtape Mixology II. TRS has also been interviewed by FHM Magazine, KLue Magazine, JUICE Magazine, ROTTW, Revolution Skate Mag, The Malay Mail, The New Straits Times, Hitz.TV's Aftershock, Blast Off, and Red 104.9 FM. log on to and JOIN THE RESISTANCE! Taken from

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