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Formed: 2005
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Random Encounter

Random Encounter. Video game rock with an accordion. This energetic band plays music from, about, and inspired by video games and nerd culture. Random Encounter was formed in Orlando, Florida in 2005 after a series of 'random encounters'. Drawing from their love of video games, Random Encounter writes and performs a diverse array of original music with strong tie ins to video games. Random Encounter has been featured on Badassoftheweek.com, performed as a part of Video Games Live, has been voted the Best Rock & Indie Band in Orlando in years past by the Orlando Weekly, has performed with such acts as They Might be Giants, Nobuo Uematsu's band the Earthbound Papas, Less than Jake, Voltaire (musician), as a part of Video Games Live, and been a TEDxSarasota Speaker and Performer.

Random Encounter Videos (14)

"Those Who Fight Further:"
"Those Who Fight Further!"
"Mother’s Brain"
"Big Blue"
": Legend Of Zelda Theme Song"
"Восхитительный эгоист. (vos Heeteetel’nee Egoist)"
"Gerudo Valley Live"
"Happy Happy Joy Joy"
"The Legend Of Zelda"
"Mother’s Brain"
"Still More Fighting"
"Mother’s Brain"
"Purple Angel"

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