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PYRE tongues have risen to kindle the coals of Death. This is unholy strike of Death Metal focusing on its traditional and raw sound. The band was formed by Roman Rotten in St. Petersburg Russia in early may of 2011. The members of PYRE are also involved in Drama, Ulvdalir, Internal Damage, Chamber of Torture, Gorilla Troops, as well as took part in many others russian bands, releases and live shows. The first EP "Ravenous Decease" was recorded in autumn 2011. The line-up from foundation till present is: Dym Nox - bass / voc Roman Rotten - guitars Fred Obsinner - guitars Kannib Maledik - drums HA KOCTEP! There are other bands with this name. Two of them play black metal. One is from germany, the second is from usa. The third is a Brighton unsigned power metal band.

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