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Formed: 2010
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Potty Mouth

Pottymouth is the first full-length album by Bratmobile.

Track listing:
"Love Thing" - 1:40,
"Stab" - 1:50,
"Cherry Bomb" (The Runaways cover) - 1:51,
"Throwaway" - 2:13,
"P.R.D.C.T." - 1:53,
"Some Special" - 1:40,
"Fuck Yr Fans" - 1:19,
"Polaroid Baby" 0:54,
"Panik" - 1:43,
"Bitch Theme" - 1:31,
"Richard" - 1:58,
"Cool Schmool" - 2:03,
"Juswanna" - 1:34,
"I Love You, You Little Crocodile" (hidden track) - 0:59,
"Kiss & Ride" - 1:27,
"No You Don't" - 1:45,
"Queenie" - 1:19,

Album credits:
Allison Wolfe - Singer/Songwriter,
Erin Smith - Guitar, Back-up Vocals, Photography,
Molly Neuman - Drums, Photography,
Patrick Maley - Engineer,
Tim Green - Engineer,
Conrad Uno - Engineer,
Ellen Smith - Photography,
Tracy Sawyer - Photography,
Panacea Theriac - Photography,
Most of the album was recorded by Tim Green of Nation of Ulysses in July, 1992, at the Embassy in Washington, DC. Green was paid with a slice of cheese pizza and a bottle of black hair dye. "Kiss & Ride", "No You Don't", and "Queenie" were recorded in August, 1991, at Egg Studios in Seattle, WA by Conrad Uno, and at YoYo Studios in Olympia, WA, by Pat Maley. Molly Neuman sings on "Richard", which was recorded December 1992 at the Red House in Olympia, WA, by Tim Green.

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