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Formed: 1988
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1) Band from Denver, CO, USA, active in the 1960's. See http://techwebsound.com/playlistdetail.cfm?artist=434 2) Australian Heavy Metal band, originally called The Poor Boys in 1992, the changed their name to The Poor when they discovery a similar band with the same name. With the release of the album Who Cares in 1994, they toured the US with The Scorpions and with "Honest" James Young's uncles Angus Young and Malcolm Young from AC/DC on their 1996 US tour. The Poor: Skenie (vocals); "RV" Julian Grynglas (guitar); Matt Whitby (bass); "Honest" James Young (drums).

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"The Poor My Mind Goes High"
"The Poor Can’t Stand To Be In Love With You"
"The Poor No One’s Home"
"Poor, The My Mind Goes High"
"The Poor Guardian Angel"
"The Poor Death Of Me"
"The Poor Last Laugh"
"The Poor Can’t Feel A Thing"
"The Poor Love Isn’t On Again"
"The Poor Prisoner Of Fools"
"The Poor Feelin’ Down"
"The Poor Come Back Baby"
"The Poor How Many Tears"
"The Poor More Wine Waiter Please"
"The Poor More Wine Waiter Please"

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