Pleasures PROFILE

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Formed: 2015
Hometown: St Pete, FL
Upcoming Shows: 0

Band Members
Katherine Kelly
Greg Ferris
Morgan Soltes
Roger Lanfranchi

"South Florida quartet Pleasures creates a dark psych/cybernetics hybrid that’s somewhere between Manson Family fever dreams at Spahn Ranch and Blade Runner replicants decaying. Live there's a good amount of NIN/Soft Moon theatrics, the uneasy alliance between humans and machines at the center of it all."
-Matthew Moyer
Orlando Weekly

"Fucked Up Dreams Come True, which plays like a variety hour where the devil gets a hold of an MPC while every demented soul he’s been left with in hell fills the figurative studio with strange howling noises all running through a pedal board only an octopod could navigate. The effort is a pure dance party, and it takes all kinds of cajones to go on the road the way Pleasures does"
-Ray Roa
Creative Loafing Tampa