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PJ Bond

lot's changed and now i'm a free man. i live out of my car, travel, write songs, sing with full and happy lungs. i'm writing about it all and eventually will turn my scratchings into a book. you can follow my journey at year of a thousand roommates. if you want me to come sleep on your couch or play songs in your town, drop me a line. i've dropped out of "real life," and am living a real life. i want to live, laugh and love. i hope you're doing the same. come visit me when i'm in your area and sing along.

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"You, Too"
"Grow Your Smile Wide"
"I’m In A Bad Way.mp4"
"‘i’m In A Bad Way’"
"Grow Your Smile Wide"
"You Know The Drill"
"Stop Being Bad"
"Darlin’, I’ve Been Drinking Nights"
"Stop Being Bad"
"Grow Your Smile Wide"
"Stop Being Bad"
"Hometown Hero"
"I’m In A Bad Way"
"(featuring Austin Lucas) I’m In A Bad Way"

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