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Formed: 2004
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Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau's warm, witty sounds and gnarly beard bring something truly unique and interesting to the folk-punk table. The South Central Michigan native collaborates often with friends such as Matty Pop Chart and Kimya Dawson, but has two self-released ("25" and "Unbearable") and two Plan-It-X released ("Paul Baribeau" and "Grand Ledge") solo albums, plus a very interesting Bruce Springsteen covers album.

Paul Baribeau Videos (15)

"Ten Things"
"Never Get To Know"
"How Could That Be True"
"Eight Letters"
"(i Miss That Band)"
"Christmas Lights"
"Only Babies Cry"
"How Could That Be True"
"Christmas Lights"
"Blue Eyes"
"Brown Brown Brown"
"The Mall"
"I Thought I Could Find You"
"(eight Letters)"
"(only Babies Cry)"

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