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Oh Sanders

Oh Sanders is a five piece band that hails from Gainesville, Florida. As pop-influenced kids living in a mostly punk rock town, they have managed to carve out their own little music niche. Musically, Oh Sanders incorporates twee-influenced melodies with bold, striding, overdrive-laden lead guitar and synth lines. As the main lyricist, Stella has a tendency to create contrast with these happy hooks, when you realize that under the grooving instrumentals, the song's lyrics are thinly veiled and passing commentary about... well, you! Oh Sanders takes pride in creating these awkward situations. Following the release of their first album ["Manic Phase EP"], the band has been taking their lively stage show on the road, with further touring planned for Spring and Summer 2008. All focus for the new year is currently on finishing a full length LP [still untitled] with an estimated release date of January 2008.

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