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Hometown: Gainesville, FL
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Oh Fortuna

Oh Fortuna is a Celebratory indie pop electronic band formed in Gainesville, FL . The group consists of JT 'The Doll' Bringardner, Nick 'Swiper No Swiping' Lamberth, 'Tigereye' Mike Bringardner, James 'Goliath' Folker. Controversially, both Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner are said to be the band's "#1 Super Fan" as demonstrated by the countless Bar Fights and Back Alley Scruffles the two celebrities can be found engaging in the world over. The band is also said to be the guilty party responsible for FL biggest underground art and music Festival, TOTAL BUMMER. Free tracks can be listened to on their Bandcamp, http://ohfortuna.bandcamp.com, and Soundcloud, http://soundcloud.com/oh-fortuna Contact: [email protected]

Oh Fortuna Videos (7)

"St Bernadino’s Fire"
"Faces I Can See"
"Faces I Can See"
"St. Bernardino’s Fire"
"5of6 Billie Holiday (laughs In The Dark)"
"Bodies Broken"
"Faces I Can See"

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Oh Fortuna Photo
Oh Fortuna Photo