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Established in 2005 in Gainesville, Florida, Officer Flossie's quest for world domination was furthered with the release of their first EP, "I Will Have It." The record received national critical acclaim via and radio recognition on almost all major local stations. A reporter in attendance at the sold-out CD release show gave the following review: "This Officer Flossie is an indie rock band coming complete with that extra special something...?They took the stage and nailed it for the entirety of the set. Of course, it helps that their EP is a straight-up hit factory. The pop-rock tracks would fit comfortably within rotation at any top-40 or active rock radio station. The best part about the group is that everything they do on the EP is magnified in the best way possible when you see them live. ?Stellar personality and carefree, youthful allure exude from each member of the group. Whether they were playing an up-tempo number, encouraging the crowd to dance, or pounding out a heartfelt ballad, the audience was entranced from beginning to end." Officer Flossie's live shows are indeed shockingly unpredictable. Spectacles such as salad making, head shaving, book signing, livestock taming and other surprises are often included and always enjoyed by entertained on-lookers, and taking a queue from The Who, the band does occasionally provide a bit of post-set mayhem to the tune of high-speed instrument projectiles and shaman-like body gyrations. Lyrically insightful and wonderfully catchy, the music of Officer Flossie has been making its home in the heads of listeners and is currently enjoying the long-term relationship with its landlords. WARNING: Officer Flossie causes fits of absurd laughter, osmotic pregnancy, laser beams, spontaneous levitation, and may complicate sleeping patterns. Viewer discretion is advised. Happy birthday.

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