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Occultist (RVA)

Hailing from Richmond, VA. "Occultist are a fast, energetic band who play a style that takes equally from 80s-era European thrash metal and metallic crust, and their songs are well-constructed, energetic, and furious enough to get any crowd excited." *1 Occultist are female fronted with singer Kerry Z., and is backed by Kent rippin' it on one guitar and Jim blowin your mind on another, Nathaniel makin it heavy bass style and Leland bringin the thunder from down under on drums. "Occultist's songs will punish you all while making you want more and more. Every second of this [band] is cooked in a huge black pot of dis beat, and seasoned to perfection with the bloody leaves of real metal. Occultist will not waste anytime punching you in the gut with their knuckles of pungent melody, but what makes every song black gold is the thought you will hear in every song. This band stands for issues that will one day become our weapons against our downpressors." *2

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"Occultist Death Sigils"