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No Weather Talks 5 dude_ttes who unexpectedly came together in Hamburg's cold bunkers, end of 2011, on a vague mission to start something new and punk, ended up discovering that all music is pop music. Between the 5 of us, we've probably burned down enough kilometers and genres in our previous and other current haunts, such as Just Went Black, Matula, Tackleberry, Juri Gagarin and Talk Radio Talk, to fill sleepless nights for the rest of our...whatevers! So this one's all about doing what we want and love, being buddies and occasionally raising our bottles to that. See you down along this road and don't forget to bring your round shoes!

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"Stock Market Of Self"
"Days Of War, Nights Of Not Enough"
"No Name"
"Present Tense Timezone"
"Half Life Half Death Oetinger Villa Darmstadt 06.09.2012"

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