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Formed: 1970
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Biography The Night has been compared to Arcade Fire, Brand New, Bright eyes, Manchester Orchestra and Kings of Leon. Although diverse, the band is pleased and proud of these connotations as many of these artists have all been major influences in their creative journey. The Night began as one song-writers effort to write music that "would bridge the gap between good music and good storytelling, by allowing one to complement the other." A band formed in mid-2011 and the three core members would begin recording their creations in hope of an end result that would satisfy their own needs as well as the needs of potential listeners. Creating a band to present the results to an audience has been a work in progress. Great musicians have come and gone, all leaving their mark on the music until they reached their current line-up. The band has continued to evolve and move forward and now, two years later, finally, an EP is ready to be released under the title of 'I AM AND SAY'. The Night has continued to write and can already claim that another record is in the works. The Night is now ready to share their six song debut with the rest of the world, beginning with the first track - Like This. "When you place "Like This" alongside the digital Medicate Me EP the band put out last year, the group's sonic diversity within their own musical identity is evident." - Striker Bill "Tracks don't come much more bombastic than 'Like This.' A band aiming for the stars." - Music Broke My Bones "The song is brilliant and is today's Song of The Day." - Best On New Music "...a dark, questioning journey into the most dangerous locations of your local metropolis" - Handclap Movement "It started out with a distant, but magical intro and I sat down and got goosebumps." - 1146 Miles "These guys strike a resemblance to Bright Eyes but with more grit." - BochiCrew "The vocals are crisp, the production quality is great and the melodies are addictive." - InstantFilter "It's a full-on wall of sound like Phil Spector and Arcade Fire teaming up to create a modern day lullaby." - The Sound of Confusion "A chiming, jittery, swooping mini epic that is reminiscent of both M83 and Arcade Fire, it pushes and pulls before settling into a neat alt-rock groove." - When the Gramophone Rings

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