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Formed: 2000
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Nice Peter

Augmented by serious musicianship, Nice Peter's hysterical original acoustic based pop songs are a terrific change of pace for any modern music lover. Trained at the Improv Olympic in Chicago, Pete Shukoff brings his improv comedy experience to the rock and roll stage. Audiences across the US and UK are laughing, dancing, and raving about this one-of-a-kind act with a truly unique live experience. "Hailing from up-state New York, this was Chicago-based Nice Peter's U.K. debut, kicking off a tour extending from darkest Barrow to deepest Devon. He specializes in a uniquely infectious brand of intelligent yet refreshingly scatological comic observation, accompanying himself with some proficient guitar-work that takes in a range of blues-rock styles. Be clear - Nice Peter is a skilled musician and lyricist first and-foremost - this is no stand-up comic hawking round a battered acoustic for laffs. The delivery is first-class, the content consistently forthright and devastatingly hilarious. Subject matter ranges from Peter's clearly autobiographical experiences as a (tru) Chicago gangster and LA porn star, to the tribulations of getting laid under a totalitarian fundamentalist government. Nice Peter's set was exhilaratingly funny and enthusiastically received - my personal highlight being perhaps the funniest opening line to any song ever - the simply peerless "I shaved my balls today..." And the good news is, Nice Peter is planning a return tour, provided enough folks buy a CD or two first." The latest album 'Songs For People' is now available from iTunes. You can also order all merchandise from...

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": Fuck Guitar Center."
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"‘cover Bands Suck Dick’"
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"(русские субтитры) Hulk Hogan Vs Kim Jongil Epic Rap Battles Of History #5"
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"[instrumental] Napoleon Vs Napoleon Epic Rap Battles Of History 9"
"Sarah Palin Vs Lady Gaga Epic Rap Battles Of History"
"Cell Phones Nicepeter"
"What The Waves Say By"
"What The Waves Say."
"What The Waves Say"
"What The Waves Say"
"Giant. Robot. Babies."

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