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Formed: 2000
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There are multiple artists named Nibiru: 1) Nibiru is a sludge band from Turin, Italy, formed in August 2012 by former members of Tronus Abyss. The band plays psychedelic sludge, with ritualistic sound and emphasis on vocals only in Enochian language. The band consist of three elements: Siatris (drums and virus) Ardath (guitar and Enochian chants) and RI (bass and liturgical organ). Their songs are recorded in direct drive, to preserve the spirit and the energy of improvisation, adding very few overdubs of keyboards and vocals during the mixing. Their first album, "Caosgon", was released in February 2013. The band is also notable for the disturbing videos posted on the web. Official Facebook: 2) Nibiru is a solo project from Bonita, California, United States, formed in early 1996 by Nocturnal Overlord, member of the cult US black metal band Crimson Moon. The project started off as a space ambient project, until it mutated into what it is today. It now contains various musical influences including everything from classical music, black metal, avant-garde, ambient, noise, and ritual music. After many years, the first release, "Demo 2004", came out in August 2004. Containing 8 tracks recorded between the years of 1996 - 2001 on a portable 4 track. These songs are rehearsal recordings of some of the material that will be appearing on the future albums of the project. 3) Hardcore | Melodic | Metalcore | Math | Metal | Post | Experimental band from St. Petersburg, RU. Facebook: 4) Five piece alternative/hardcore band from Dublin, Ireland.

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"My Planet"
"Oxygen Eater (official Music Video)"
"— Unbreakable"
"— N.m.h"
"— Light Vibration"
"Walk Alone"

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