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Natural Child

Natural Child is a garage/punk/pop band from Nashville, TN on the Infinity Cat label. Wez Traylor rocks! One day he ate pot brownies and called Zack and called Seth like 3 times telling them he wanted to start a band. Seth said cool but only if they toured and recorded all the time so that's what they're doing now. They have songs about eating drugs and white people and various other subjects. December 2012 is not the end of the world but is in fact when Keith Richards is gonna tell the world that the Rolling Stones are stepping down and Natural Child is the new best band in the world.

Natural Child Videos (15)

"Bailando Con Lobos"
"White People"
"Dancin’ With Wolves"
"8 Am Blues"
"Let The Good Times Roll"
"I’m Gonna Try"
"Low Down Blues"
"Nashville’s A Groovy Little Town"
"Hard Workin’ Man"
"That’s How I Got To Memphis"
"Don’t The Time Pass Quickly"
"Blind Owl Speaks"
"Hard Workin’ Man"
"Natural Blues"

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