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Mr. Automatic

Mr. Automatic is a Chicago-based Electroswing DJ. He also is the owner/operator of Dead 2 Me Records, a Neo-Vintage and Retro label out of Chicago. His style has its origins in Electro and Nu Disco, although recently his jazz roots have come to the forefront as he has started fusing these genres with Electro Swing. Along with Vourteque and performance artist Lady Lenux, he formed the successful Rouge! Chicago’s Electro Swing Night in late 2013. He also currently holds down a residency at Untitled’s Unbridled night in downtown Chicago. He has opened for a wide range of acts including Lord Justice, Good Co., Lady Miss Kier, Dutty Moonshine, Tycho, and Plastic Plates.
Outside of remix work and production as Mr. Automatic, he also produces as Square Frames with onefiftyone. As a live performer, he is a producer and synth player for the band Many Moons.