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There is more than one band with this name: 1.The Movers were a South African band who were active mainly during the 1970s with a shifting lineup over a career that saw them release about 20 albums. Their music is a mix of "jive", jazz and disco. 2.Since 1999 The Movers have been rocking and reeling the western parts of Sweden. They've been putting out over a hundred showdowns the last couple of years with their furious, high class rock n roll. In Sweden they've been supporting fancy-pants bands like Sugarplum Fairy, Molotov Jive, The Movements and Whyte Seeds to name a few. The Movers are also recommended by members of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Here is a quote from their website: "They play with the same energy and same groovy style as TSOOL". 3. An indie rock band based in Philadelphia; they've been playing since 2010. Their music leans more to the folk-rock genre, but they incorporate there own diverse musical tastes. They've played at apocalypse parties, at really old houses, and in the Appalachian mountains.

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"The Diamonds & Pearls"
"The Hey You, Hey Me"
"The Hey You, Hey Me 7"
"Crying Guitar The"
"The Crying Guitar"

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