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Formed: 2000
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Morningbell is a psychedelic-inspired indie pop band from Gainesville, Florida. The band was originally formed in 2000 in Miami, Florida by brothers Eric and Travis Atria. The foundation of the current line-up came in 2001 when Stacie Thrushman, Eric's then-girlfriend and now-wife, was recruited on keyboards. They performed around the Miami, Florida area under the name Future Feels Good until 2003. As Future Feels Good, the band released the EP The Day I Was Born in 2002. In 2003, the band relocated to Gainesville, and changed their name to Morning Bell after the Radiohead song. The name changed once more to Morningbell before the debut LP, Learning by Musical Montage was released in 2004. Forgetting To Wake Up followed in 2005, and Through the Belly of the Sea in 2007. All three were released by Eric's own label Orange Records. The band's official website is Current Members: Travis Atria - vocals, guitar Eric Atria - bass, theremin Stacie Thrushman Atria - keyboards Chris Hillman - drums

Morningbell Videos (15)

"— Sincerely, Severely"
"043 Good Morning, I’m Here"
"— Let’s Not Lose Our Heads"
"Let’s Not Lose Our Heads"
"— Soul Ma’am"
"We Have Eyes As Well As Ears"
"Sincerely, Severely"
"The Desert On The Sea Floor"
"— Marching Off To War"
"Learning By Musical Montage"
"Sincerely Severely"
"Marching Off To War = (live)"
"Sincerely, Severely"
": Hats Off To You, Josephine Baker"
"The Octopus Walks Across The Coral"

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