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1.) Hardcore from Boston. Members of Last In Line and Obliteration. 2.) Masaki Konagai AKA mindfullpeace AKA mfp is a member of Japan's acclaimed Cosmopolyphonic radio crew (alongside RLP, Daisuke Tanabe, sauce81, Kan Sano) who are doing their darnedest in supporting the local, outer space beat movement re-affirming Japan's visionary aesthetic. Splitting his time between Osaka and Tokyo, mfp's soulful thump creates a rather distinct symphony of soaring future classics. Producing various Japanese rap crews and RnB records it's now his time with signature slamming, hard-hitting instrumental hip-hop tracks that have featured previously on Gilles Peterson's vanguard "Brownswood electr*c 2" compilation and will lead his forthcoming EP on Earnest Endeavours.

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