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There are 4 artists that call themselves Meth Mouth. 1. Pissed off Straight Edge Powerviolence band from Miami, FL. 2. Meth Mouth is the stage name of some dark fiend seemingly from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Scartown was the first CD released in limited copies and has become quite collectible in some circles. A new version with re-mixed tacks and new studio edits is in the works. The sound cannot be classified but may only be described as a sometimes deep, dark, tripped out, down tempo groove suggestible for spooky night binges of indulgence and early morning rides through the trenches of down terror. 3. Hardcore punk band from Colorado Springs Colorado. Put out a demo on cavity creep records. Then disbanded. 4. Goregrind band from Victoria, Australia. In the midst of recording a self released five track demo.

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