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Rising above the sound of the speedway and whistling through the old cotton mills comes the sounds of Messenger Down. Hailing from the suburbs surrounding Charlotte, North Carolina where the music scene is primarily hardcore, indie and folk acts, the band offers a sound as unique as the city they come from. Messenger Down cites its beginnings as a solo act begun by frontman Garrett Foster. In January 2012, Garrett entered the studio with producer Randall Karriker at Legend Recordings in China Grove, NC to record the first songs that would introduce the world to the unique sound that is Messenger Down. After unveiling the band and releasing his first single, "A Toast to Someday", in February, he began piecing together the live band. Now backed by guitarist Connor Vogt, bassist Nick Atwell, and drummer Bryan Scercy, Garrett and the band have been playing a slew of shows all over North Carolina and the surrounding states ever since. From the moment the first single was released, Messenger Down has managed to make an impact on their local scene, amassing a multitude of fans not only in their hometown but also all over the country. Though they've only been around for a little over a year, the band released three singles in 2012, including "A Toast To Someday", a title that pays homage to the bands beginnings, which was featured on Charlotte rock station 106.5 The End. Currently, the band is preparing to release an eight track EP entitled "The Gentleman's Guide to Keeping Away From People Like You" Leading up to the release of their EP, the band has been releasing tracks to their fans to help hype the release and have received nothing but positive feedback and excitement all around. The EP was self-produced by members Garrett Foster and Connor Vogt with mastering done by Jeff Long at Trap Door Recordings. With an outstanding and energetic live performance that leaves their audience wanting more this band is set to rise exponentially in the months following the release of their EP. "The Gentlemen's Guide to Keeping Away from People Like You" will be for sale through the band's BandCamp along with iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other major online retailers. A physical release is scheduled for later this year. Dedicated to the DIY work ethic, Messenger Down has been on a steady climb for months with song snippet releases, a personal touch, one of a kind sound and an approachability that many bands lack. With the combination of their attitude, a genuine connection to their fans and amazing musicality as well as internal chemistry, Messenger Down is poised to launch and once they do, they'll be no stopping them.

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"Nostalgically Yours"
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