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Formed: 1990
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1) A progressive rock project of Estonian composer Sven Grünberg 2) A punk-rock band from Germany 3) Moniker for the first full length from Punk band Darlington. 4) A duo from Austria that represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982 with the song "Sonntag" 5)A Heavy metal band from Finland. 6) A Japanese Punk band on Selfish records. 7) A short-lived italian synth punk band. 8) An Australian garbage rock band. About mess from Finland: -Formed by Jari and Atte with Petteri Hirvanen in 2001, but shortly put on hold until Jari quit Stratovarius in 2005 and they found Tommi Salmela as vocalist. -Current line-up: Tommi Salmela - Vocals Elias Viljanen - Guitar Jari Kalnualinen - Bass Atte Sarkima - Drums -Discography: Mess [EP] (2006)

Mess Videos (15)

"All My People"
"Ainda Lembro"
"Foolish Girls"
"Bless April Showers [official Music Video]"
"Foolish Girls"
". Dumb Girl"
". Post Party Morning"
". Enemy (alcohol)"
". She Lost Her Way"

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