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Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
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Mean Girls

Note: If you're listening to the movie soundtrack it's by Rolfe Kent so update your tags. Mean Girls is a two-piece noise rock band from Auckland, New Zealand, that are steadily growing a reputation for their visceral live performance. In a modern age of digital downloads, low record sales and an oversaturation of bands, Martin Selman and Zac Arnold strive to make dynamic music that translates to the Mr. Hyde within. Wasting no time cutting their teeth, Mean Girls have supported Die! Die! Die!, The Drab Doo Riffs, and Kody and Bic at bFM's Summer Series 2011, and shared stages with Auckland favourties Popstrangers, Rackets and Cool Cult. Having found their spiritual home at The Whammy Bar on Krd. Mean Girls are paving their own path to the sound of manic drumming, distortion pedals, bass strings, and feed back - all barely breaking under the weight of Zac's scummy vocals. Capturing the hunger of live performances, Mean Girls have released their first single 'Yo Pro' that is now play listed on Auckland's Alternative radio station, 95bFM. They now look to the future with live shows around New Zealand, an ep release imminent and asking the question, do you want to be a mean girl too?