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Formed: 1990
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Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa is a trance artist. "Recent feature stars Denim & Leather hit the nail on the head (or rather plunged it ruthlessly through with a clawhammer, splintering the cranium): most metal music is boring. One could easily discount it as a dead-end genre pursued by too many bands, plodding the same endlessly recycled formulaic terrain with the mobility of a limbless, heavily pregnant walrus flailing around on its back in a pool of pea soup carrying about as much tonal grace as the ungodly braying of said beast. As with anything, subtle variations on its turgid themes often require the keenest of ears to identify, but its worth it, because thats how you discover bands like Mea Culpa." ben chappell - guitar will turner-duffin - samples/ebow james cooke - vocals tom "hasselhoff" flint - bass dave "rotter" roy - drums. Mea Culpa was also the name of a short lived Screamo band from the Baltimore, Md area, akin to I Have Dreams.

Mea Culpa Videos (15)

"The Child"
"The Child"
"The Child"
"Spiritual Light (john ’00’ Fleming Mix)"
"Jealousy Is Pitiless"
"Prostitutes In Picture Frames"
"The Child"
"Spiritual Light (magdelayna Chilled Remake)"
"Spiritual Light (you Are My Salvation Remix)"
"The Child"
"A Door Into Yesterday (enigmatic Monk Mix)"

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