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Formed: 1990
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Matt Woods

Matt Woods, 21, born in Birmingham and raise in Dothan Alabama, being the oldest of three always had musical influence in his life. At the early age of 10, Matt realized his love and talent for music by learning guitar and writing songs in his spare time. As time went on, he became more enthusiastic about his love for music and began continuously playing live shows. As he grew, so did his music. One day, I was writing about the simple things in life with a simple rhythm and eventually realized my words and music were becoming more and more intense. Playing around at local venues in Dothan eventually escalated into weekly performances in and around Auburn, when he went off to college. After completing his junior year at Auburn, Matt moved to Nashville to pursue his career in music. Moving to Nashville was so exhilarating. It was something that I had always dreamed about. Its almost like a reoccurring dream of eleven years was starting to come true. Matts move to Nashville has been a positive and encouraging one. Opportunity was knocking on his door. As of now Matt is continuing to write and pursue his career more optimistically than ever. As long as I remember my first gigs and the spark that inspired me, I know that no matter what, my love for music will be my driving force and take me wherever I need to go.

Matt Woods Videos (15)

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"Days Of Walking"
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"Beating Down My Door"
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Matt Woods Photo
Matt Woods Photo