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Lobo Marino is the musical response to the travels and ongoing spiritual journey of members Jameson Price and Laney Sullivan. During a year long trip in South America, Price and Sullivan encountered one of their many spirit guides, the enormous Pacific Sea Lion, also known as "el lobo marino". The first album "keep your head up" was written on that first sojourn. The group's second album "The Reincarnation EP" was recorded in Richmond, VA in 2011. It is a powerful and experimental musical composition with philosophical lyrics pondering ideas of industrialization, war, and home. Since the release of "The Reincarnation EP", Price and Sullivan have been mostly on the road, both playing music and just exploring. At the end of June 2012 Lobo Marino released their third album, "Kite Festival", which was recorded in front of a live studio audience. It is a meditative musical reflection of their time in Puerto Rico, Spain and the United States. Lobo Marino is sometimes joined by their friend Nathaniel Roseberry on banjo, trumpet and bandolin.

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