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Formed: 2000
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Leela is a brazilian rock band that started after the end of the band "Polux" (old band from Bianca (guitar/vocals) and Rodrigo (guitar). They play rock music, inspired by bands like Nirvana and Pixies. They did a lot of concerts all over their hometown, Rio de Janeiro, and become well-known on the alternative brazilian scene. They even played at big independent festivals, and gained a lot of respect on the underground and alternative music scene. In 2003, they signed a contract with Arsenal Music and began to work on their first album, at this point Leela consisted of Bianca Jhordão(guitar/vocals), Rodrigo Brandão (guitar), Tchago Kockenborger (bass) and Luciano Grossman (drums). Their album was released in late 2004, and the first single "Te Procuro" gained some considerable airplay on the main radio brazilian stations, which basically putted them on the map of mainstream brazilian bands. They continued to gain new fans, were voted Best New Artist on the 2005 MTV Video Music Brasil Awards and were choosen to be Avril Lavigne's opening act on 3 of the 4 concerts she played in Brazil, in September of 2005. They released a new single, "Odeio Gostar", which wasn't as big as "Te Procuro" but still had some airplay on radio stations. On 2006, they started to work in a new album, and often played new songs at small gigs, which made the fans really anxious to hear the final result. However, the album only came out in September of 2007, when Leela finally solved some problems with the recording label and signed with Universal Records. Right now they work on a music video for the first single "Pequenas Caixas" (which is also the name of the album) and will be launching their releasement tour pretty soon.

Leela Videos (15)

"Te Procuro"
"Pequenas Caixas"
"Ethan Hawke"
"Sur L’établi"
"Il Pleut"
"Huis Clos"
"J’ai Fait L’amour Avec Francky"
"Un Matin Ordinaire"
"Filles Et Garçons"
"Je Sais Bien"
"En Vie"
"En Vie"
"Histoire D’un Papillon Et D’une Libellule"
"Te Procuro"

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