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Formed: 1980
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Larry Mitchell

About larry Mitchell Larry started playing guitar at age 9, after his mom through his drumset out the window. Self taught on guitar. 1986 and 1987 Larry won the New York City "Limelight guitar solo contest. In 1988 Larry toured with Spanish/Italian artist Miguel Bose. In 1990 his first CD came out (Larry Mitchell Grude BMG) 1991 He played on Ric Ocasek's Fire Ball Zone Cd and appears in the music video "Rockaway". In 1991 Toured with Rock singer Billy Squier and appears in the music video's "She goes down" and "Hollywood". In 1992 toured with Folk pop sing songwriter Tracy Chapman. Larry has worked with worked with various artist- TM Stevens (black rock christmas TV show Germany and Japan The band was called "THe Crunch") Sandra Bernard's music video "Super Star". And in 1993 Waner Bros. released Larry's guitar instructional video 'The Linking System". In 1993 Larry's 2nd CD release "Mind Body Soul" came out on Guitar Player Magzine records later switched to Jesse Colin Young's label Ridgetop music. Between 1994-1995 performed on the Jon Stewart show with Coolio, Montel Jordan and Pete Rock and CL Smooth. 1995 Released "Escape (acoustic passages vol 1)" String time music (America) & Bandai (Japan). 1997 Released "Temptation" String time music (America) 1999 Released "Insatiable" String time music (America) Won San Diego Music awards "best pop jazz" In 1995 Larry produced the "Rust Charles band" his first outside production, which started the path of producing various singer writers in Rock, Acoustic folk, Pop and R&B. Winning several awards in CA and most recently in the New Mexico Music Awards. Currently producing Native American Artist Shelley Morningsong for Silverwave records. Look for an October 2006 release. Endorsements: Ibanez Guitars since 1988, DiMarzio pickups since 1985 and D'Adario Strings since 1985. Past endorsements: Hartke Speakers, Hughes & Kettner amps, Go Incase travel guitar cases. Touring: 2005 Guitarist with The Robert Mirabal Band 1992 Guitarist with Tracy Chapman 1991 Guitarist with Billy Squier 1991 Guitarist with Ric Ocasek Producer: (Full Albums) year is release date 2006 Lucky (Randi Driscoll) Swim Swam Swum music (Singer Songwriter) 2006 Johnny Whitehorse (Johnny Whitehorse) Silver Wave Records (Native American) 2006 Out of the Ashes (Shelley Morningsong) Silver Wave Records (Native American) 2006 Sonic Temple (Larry Mitchell) String Time Music (Rock Instrumental) 2004 Madi Sato (Madi Sato) (Pop/R&B) 2003 The Beauty Way Tash Terry (Native American) 2002 All In One Day (Eileen Meyer) (Singer Songwriter) 2002 Different Now (Dor Lata) (Pop/Rock) 2001 Things are Different Now (Phil Risen) (Pop Singer Songwriter) 2001 The Play (Randi Driscoll) Swim Swam Swum music (Singer Songwriter) 2000 Inevitable (Eileen Meyer) 1998 Insatiable (Larry Mitchell) String Time Music (Rock Instrumental) 1995 Rust-Charles (Robert Charles blues band) Blues 1995 Escape (Larry Mitchell) String Time Music (Acoustic Instrumental) 1993 Mind Body Soul (Larry Mitchell) Ridgetop Music (Rock Instrumental) Awards: 2006 Awards pending in 7 categories New Mexico Music Awards 2005Rising Sun Madi Sato Best Adult Contemporary Production New Mexico Music Awards 2004Lady Pearl Madi Sato Best R&B Production New Mexico Music Awards 2004Game Alana Banner Best Adult Contemporary Production New Mexico Music Awards 1999Insatiable Larry Mitchell Best Pop Jazz Artist San Diego Music Awards Film Scores/Songs: 2005 Seeing Dr. Zhao Just-us productions (Documentary) 2005 Beyond Five Senses (Documentary) 2005 The War within HD Films (Major release) 2004 Do It for Uncle Graham

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