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Formed: 2003
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Larry and His Flask

"Larry & His Flask are like no band I've ever seen (which seems to be the general consensus). As soon as Jamin says "Hello everybody we're Larry & His Flask!" and the first song begins people are glued to the stage. Everyone is watching with smiles and wide eyes. People are looking at their friends shaking their heads with looks on their faces that say: "What the hell is this?!" When all 6 members are on stage they are truly a sight to behold. They play their instruments fast and they play them good. It's difficult to describe the kind of music they play; they don't fit into any of the genres found in your neighborhood music shop. Their music sounds like rowdy bluegrass/folk with heavy punk rock roots and a splash of gypsy soul." Larry & His Flask are out of Redmond, Oregon and are more than local heroes with tons of local fans!

Larry and His Flask Videos (10)

"Ebb And Flow (official Joedashizzz Video)"
"Call It What You Will (official Music Video))"
"Call It What You Will"
"So Long"
"I’ll Be Gone"
"Gone From You"
"Slow It Down"
"West Virginia Chocolate Drop"

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