Krankynstyn PROFILE

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Hometown: Ocala, FL
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Founded from an idea presented to Lee Williams in the late 1980's about a then defunct New Jersey band named Krankenstein, Lee put a new Krankenstein together with bandmates Lee Thorton, and Jimmy Simmons. After some shows, life had other plans for Krankenstein.....After many years, Lee Williams joined Eddie Dismuke, James Gray, and Eric Delisle to form Sudden Change in the mid 1990's. During that time, Lee discovered several other bands with the name "Krankenstein", and even contacted one band, who turned out to be a very cool bunch that provided Lee with 4 of their CDs. To be fair, these guys are the true Krankenstein. They are now signed to a fairly major label and we wish them all the best.....Look them up on Facebook, they ROCK! So, the decision was made by Lee and Eddie, after a floundering stint with "After the Death......", to return with a vengeance to reform the band with a NEW UPDATED FLAIR!! NEW SPELLING!! (nobody likes court!) NEW LOGO!! NEW BAND MEMBERS!!! When you have a band, some things must "click".......THIS band not only "clicks", WE CRUNCH!! Eddie and Lee were lucky enough to have hooked up with the one and only DRUMMING POWERHOUSE that is BILLY "BADASS" CONNER!! You got yourself a metal goliath about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting populous of Ocala, North Central Florida, and beyond.......KRANKYNSTYN LIVES!!!!! BWWWAAA HAA HAAA HAAAAAAA!