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Formed: 1985
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1. Kingpin is the original name for Swedish glam metal band, Shotgun Messiah. They recorded one album under this name in 1988, Welcome to Bop City, which was re-recorded and released a year later as their self-titled debut as Shotgun Messiah. 2. Kingpin was a hardcore band out of Boston in the early 90's. They released one 7 inch on Suburban Voice Records, which was run by Boston punk legend Al Quint. They also had a song on a Suburban Voice compilation that was included with the fanzine of the same name. The band recorded 4 other songs that were never officially released but the mp3's of these songs circulate through the hardcore scene. Link to MySpace page: 3. Kingpin is a Punk / Rock Band From Maracaibo, Venezuela Since 2000 A Great Punk Melodic Band.

KING PIN Videos (14)

"Kingpin When Its Over"
"Hottest Shot"
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"Kingpin Mic In My Hand"
"Kingpin I Need Money (official Video)"
"Kingpin Outside The Box"
"Kingpin Intro"
"Wake Up"
"Kingpin Hollering (ma Se Mi Lese)"
"Kingpin I Need Money Official Video."
"Kingpin Brauch Kein"
"Kingpin Homegirl"
"Hottest Shot Kingpin"

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