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Hometown: Miami, Fl
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Ketchy Shuby

Miami Soul Act Ketchy Shuby has been earning the hearts of all listeners with their first Lp Tiny Vices and making you smile with Still Making It Look Easy. The boys are returning to that classic sound with their new single "Frontin' " . Bringing the Motown/Stax vibe with a 90's R&B sensibility, the boys take their sound to a new but familiar direction! This is just the beginning. With a new album under wraps and their insane live shows, while the golden era of Miami soul might be long gone, it's certainly not forgotten by the purveyors of Miami soul Ketchy Shuby.

Ketchy Shuby Videos (15)

"So Much More To Say"
"Run Along"
"Follow You Ii"
"Her & I"
"Follow You I"
"Keep Cool"
"Expensive Taste"
"Devil & The Gun"
"Super Mystery Friends"
"Checkin It"
"The Watermelon"

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