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Formed: 1991
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Jon Snodgrass

Best known for being the singer of Armchair Martian and half of the singing in Drag the River, Jon Snodgrass is slowly becoming one of the more popular alternative country/punk musicians still actively playing music. In 2007, Jon launched a Myspace page (claiming he stole the idea from friend Joey Cape), which will host the dates to upcoming solo recordings/tour dates. Jon also appears on many of his friends projects including songs from Bad Astronaut, Joey Cape, Lagwagon, and Two Cow Garage. In 2009 Suburban Home Records put out "Visitor's Band", in which Jon is joined by an all-star line up including members of the Ergs!, Armchair Martian, Doc Hopper, the Raindogs, Paw, and Two Cow Garage.

Jon Snodgrass Videos (13)

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"Remember My Name"

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