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Formed: 1983
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Joe Jack Talcum

Joe Jack Talcum (born Joseph Genaro, October 15, 1962) is the former guitarist and sometimes vocalist for the Dead Milkmen. He was the early creative force behind the band, giving them their name before they were even formed. Compared to most Dead Milkmen songs, the ones where Joe sings tend to be a little less sarcastic and more silly - with the exception of "Methodist Coloring Book." Talcum was born in Wagontown, Pennsylvania. Talcum's vocals are snotty, but not in an overly serious way. They are simple, stripped down and, in a peculiar way, very melodic. He is the counterpart to Rodney Anonymous' deeper, more potent voice. Talcum's guitar playing, often recorded in sloppy and rough takes in earlier work, became more polished toward the end of the Milkmen's body of work. Still, his guitar playing will best be remembered as "anti-guitar." The solo in "Punk Rock Girl," for example, would be melodic and epic-sounding if done by a typical band, yet Talcum plays an intentionally anti-climactic lead as funny as the song's lyrics themselves. He went on to record one album with Butterfly Joe, featuring Dean Clean on drums. He currently performs with the Low Budgets and The Cheesies mostly in the Philadelphia area. Talcum released an album of his solo home recordings in 2005, which featured early demos of various songs he worked on. Solo Works (1984-1999): * Joe Jack Talcum - I See Weasels (Yucassette label) * Joe Jack Talcum - Raising PG Kids * Jasper Thread - Blackness * Butterfly Fairweather - Halvin' My Baby * Butterfly Joe - Smile * Butterfly Joe - Sweet N Low * Joe Jack Talcum - The Bland Years * Jack Talcum - Turd of the Century (never released, just released a 5 song demo tape for it) * Joe Jack Talcum - Home Recordings 1984 - 87 (Valient Death) With band: * Butterfly Joe (aka Butterfly Joe Armada) - Self Titled

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