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Hometown: Asheville, NC
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Jim Seem

The guys at the bar continue talking but the women’s eyes intently watch Jim Seem as he sings about being a leg man. His buttery voice absorbs the bar crowd as he moves on to his next song about a marriage proposal.
It’s his mix of witty banter, R&B beats and folksy melodies that give Seem a stage presence that demands his audience’s—or at least his female audience’s—undivided attention. And contrary to the undone buttons on his shirt, Seem isn’t interested in just playing the role of a lusty heartthrob. His lyrics cut to the core of human desire, longing and love.
“I think that intimacy is a gateway or a metaphor for life in general. If you got that down and can be close to people in that way, I feel like you can be close to people in any way,” Seems said.
The Asheville, N.C., musician grew up in the Midwest where he discovered Rastafarianism, skate boarding and punk rock against the backdrop of farm dances, catholic mass and flat plains.

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