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J. Rabbit hails from the Bronx, NY, where he lives and breathes music. He is deathly afraid of zombies, suffers from and delights in synesthesia, and wants to write a song that will make people see green. He specializes in dubstep and DNB with a lot of wobble, sub, rattle & fun! J.Rabbit with releases coming up on Delorean Music Group & Play Me, remixes for B. Rich, Hot Pink Delorean and Digital Terror Records already in the can, he is just getting ready to unleash his fun yet seriously mega-sonic devastation.

J.Rabbit Videos (15)

"Og Fresh (obsidian Remix)"
"Daddy Issues (jayline Deep Abuse Remix)"
"Daddy Issues (robe Remix) [electro]"
"Og Fresh (obsidian Remix)"
"J Rabbit Bopper Shuffle"
"Probably Chicago [[ Hd ]]"
"Ninja Step"
"Ninja Step"
"Ninja Step"
"Probably Chicago *hd*"
"Ninja Step."
"Ninja Step"
"J. Rabbit I’m So Happy"
"Og Fresh (original Mix)"
"Sexy Party"

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