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Formed: 2004
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There are at least three artists with this name. (1) Ism was and is (?) an American punk band from Queens, New York, first releasing a 7-inch in 1980. The four-member group played hectic, fast punk. In some songs the band is using a keyboard or a piano that's creating a remarkable sound. Most of the original recordings are rare. Discography: Attack / Queen J.A.P., 7" single (1980, S.I.N. Records) The Big Apple Rotten to the Core, compilation LP (1982, S.I.N. Records) I Think I Love You / A7, 7" single (1983, S.I.N. Records) A Diet for the Worms, LP (1983, S.I.N. Records) I Think I Love You (The Hits That Missed 1982-1989), CD (1990) Journey Down Your Drain, CD (1996, No Label Recordings) http://www.ism-punk.com/ http://www.myspace.com/ismpunk (2) The name "Ism" was used by another band from New York in the 2000s. They released a few albums but now appear to be defunct (no new material for years and their website is down). While likely aware of the original band, they claimed to have filed a U.S. trademark for the name. (3) ISM is also a hand-carving, brick-beat-maker from England (Invincible Smiling Marcus).

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"Ism W/ Tiny Tim Tiptoe Through The Tulips"
"Ism Out Of The Way"
"Tiptoe Through The Tulips"
"Ism Proud To Be Guilty"
"Tiptoe Through The Tulips"
"Ism A7"
"Ism Moon The Moonies"
"Tiny Tim & Ism Tiptoe Through The Tulips"
"Ism I Think I Love You"
"Ism White Castle At 3am"
"Ism White Castle At 3 A.m."
"No More Ism!"
"Ism Nixon Now More Than Ever"
"Ism Graffiti"
"Ism 32"

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