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Hometown: Chiefland, FL
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Houston Keen

Houston Keen, the country crossover, singer-songwriter from the sunshine state! Texas may not have been big enough for two Houstons, but the state is a small price to pay, in exchange for everywhere else that's been covered in the twists and turns of the music scene.

Houston Keen is an acoustic artist from a small southern town in the northwest area of Florida. He was strongly influenced throughout his life by the culture and atmosphere that surrounded him. His musical endeavors began on an untuned, excuse for a guitar that once belonged to his dad. After a trip to the local music store in town and a signature on the sign up sheet for guitar lessons, Houston began his trip along the winding road of musicianship.

The following years would prove resourceful in his music expeditions, being brought up by the dirt road, trailer park life of his small town, he began seeking something more to drive his teenage angst. Becoming more talented and experienced throughout his teenage years, Houston began using songwriting as an outlet. The lifestyle he grew up in began to form its way around his writing. Houston was also influenced by the likes of classic rockstars such as: Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, and Wilco.

Further along the line, Houston began using guitar playing as a method of making extra money while working construction during the summer. He soon found himself in a web of bars and restaurants around the area. The lifestyle has slowly fallen into place as a job among other things.

Houston Keen has recently released his debut 5 song EP, The Runaways - EP, funded completely through late nights and many miles on an old pick up truck, playing various bars, festivals, and fund raising events.