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Formed: 2010
Upcoming Shows: 0

There are two bands called Household: 1.) Household from Brooklyn NY is Talya Cooper (Guitar/Vocals), Jenna Weiss-Berman (Drums/Vocals) and Isabel Freeman (Bass). 2.) Since the summer of 2005, Central Scotland has homed a four-piece band called "Household". Their tunes are driven by tight dynamic drum n' bass, sometimes-noisy-sometimes sweet guitar lines, lo-fi keyboard & synth, analogue tape loops and urgent-yey-catchy vocals. Household decided to part ways and played one last gig on 22nd October 2007. Chris and Rob now play together in a band called plaaydoh. Chris plays guitar whilst Rob plays drums.

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"Our Song"
"Our Song"
"Desperate Times"
"Wave Goodbye"
"Go Away"

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