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Holly Hunt is a two-piece instru-metal behemoth from South Florida. Drummer Beatriz Monteavaro (Floor, Cavity) and guitarist Gavin Perry capture the meditative power of repetition; the ecstatic joy of tempered variation; infinitely undulating riffage; psychedelic drone paired with rock n' roll rhythm - in full splendor. In the grand tradition of Monteavaro's previous musical endeavors, Holly Hunt champions heavy metal's potential to transcend genre and become a physical experience. Though stripped down to the most bare essentials, the duo's innate technical chops, strong dialogue, and incredibly deep relationship to their gear produces a sound and style far beyond rudimentary tags like "heavy," "hard," or "brutal." Their first LP, "Year One" is out NOW as of Nov 2012. Visit http://hollyhunt.bandcamp.com/

Wednesday • October 25, 2017
10/25/17 – The Atlantic
Event Time: 9:00pm
$7 - $10
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