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"From Darkened North To Blazing South The Nomad Finds his Path" - "The Return" HOLLOW LEG is a thundering two man band that plays a LOUD mix of rock/doom/ blues/metal with one guitar and one drum set. Both HOLLOW LEG members Brent and Tim live in Jacksonville, Florida, but grew up together in the Boston hardcore and metal underground. Their mission now is to keep THE RIFF alive and well. Guitar and Vocals - Brent Drums - Tim Their musical partnership began in 1998 in Amherst, Massachusetts, with the metal based band THE YEAR IS ONE which disbanded in 2000. Tim and Brent were separated for a number of years before forming HOLLOW LEG in their new home city of Jacksonville. Between January 2008 and January 2010 HOLLOW LEG wrote and recorded over fifteen songs and began to tour the Southeastern United States. As of summer 2010 HOLLOW LEG completed work on their debut full length record "INSTINCT." "INSTINCT" represents the culmination of Tim and Brent's heavy metal artistry. On "INSTINCT," grinding riffs and furious beats are combined with poetic lyrics in such a manner as to create music which is both beautiful and brutal. "INSTINCT" features slow doom as well as faster rock, so the album immediately gains momentum and then keeps your attention for the whole dark ride. A first listening is like being RAPED IN THE FACE!!! From the ominous tones of the first track "Caretaker" - a song inspired by the Texas Tower killings of mass murderer Charles Whitman in 1966 - to the "The Source" which features guest vocals from Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle - to the aggressive, ground-shaking rhythms of "Warbeast" - a track which would make the most hardened metalheads unite - HOLLOW LEG delivers and then delivers again. HOLLOW LEG is a new permanent feature on the heavy metal landscape. "INSTINCT" represents a monolithic step forward in the genre, and it leaves behind in its thundering wake an audience deaf, exhausted, bleeding, smiling, and satisfied.

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