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Harvey & Whistle

This is a DIY, No Frills kind of band. Years of experience and passion for GOOD music has led these four members to create the phenomenon that is Harvey. They're currently in the process of writing and recording a new album which will be due out this winter and playing on any bill offered to them. All the while the band is saving up money for new equipment, new merchandise, and a brand spanking new summer tour in 07.

Harvey & Whistle Videos (10)

"Harvey It’s Not What It Looks Like"
"Harvey Moonbeam"
"Harvey Earthworms"
"Harvey So Desperate, We’re Dead"
"Da Da Goo Goo Harvey"
"Billy Harvey Don’t Be Afraid To Love"
"Last Words, No Lies Harvey"
"Harvey (featuring Doomman) ‘we Ride’"
"Harvey No Way Out"
"Harvey Waves!"

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