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Formed: 1990
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There are at least 9 artists using the name Gonzo: 1) Indie rock musician 2) Hungarian band 3) Romanian post-punk/alternative band 4) German "Schwabenrockband" 5) Video game composer 6) Independant German multimusician 7) Gonzo the Great (The Muppets Movie) 8) Dutch hardcore band 9) Australian hip hop DJ and producer ----------------------------------------- 1) Gonzo, a boarder and musician at forums.hipinion.com. Released the perennial indie rock classic Board is Life. http://blogyouintheface.blogspot.com/2005/08/2-hipinion-related-albums.html. http://www.multiupload.com/WFA6WDXNRE ----------------------------------------- 2) Gonzo, a Hungarian band was formed in 2003 by young, but experienced musicians in the eastern part of Hungary, Debrecen. The early music could already be characterized by catchy vocals and danceable rhythms influenced by the britpop of the nineties.Gonzo took a short break in making music, but in 2005 they came back and since then have polished their style being able to mix old school britpop and alternative music with pure and energetic post-new wave sound and fresh indie-dance tunes. The outcome is an eclectic, modern, dynamic and entertaining mixture.The band has just finished its debut studio album entitled Lost and Found. Gonzo also made its first video for "Peeping Tom", their first single from the LP. (Members: Stumpf Árpád - vocals, guitar ; Varga András - guitar, backing vocals ; Fazekas Zoltán - bass ; Csatlós Pál - keyboards, sampler ; Horváth Róbert - drums ----------------------------------------- 3) Gonzo, a now defunct post-punk/alternative band from Arad, Romania. Formed in the autumn of 2007, shortly fading away towards the end of the decade. The band played several concerts throughout its lifespan having a minor but noteworthy following. Songs were recorded for an underground demo release that never occured. A posthumous release of some tracks is not being ruled out. No word as of yet of a reunion. Past members are: Paul Vida (vocals/guitar), Roxana Fânață (voice/guitars), Roxana Venter (keyboard), Lucian Ilisie (bass) and "Batman" (drummer). ----------------------------------------- 4) Gonzo, the "Schwabenrockband" (suabian rock band), from Stuttgart, Germany. 1989 they performed first time at a talent-show. Today it's a succesfull hobby-band. Discography: 1993 - Transpirativ 1995 - Schwobaland 1999 - En Dein'r Näh 2003 - Live 2008 - weit weit weg 2010 - 20 Jahre Gonzo live (Live-DVD) ----------------------------------------- 5) Gonzo, the musician who writes songs and music for video-games. ----------------------------------------- 6) Gonzo, a young german independant-multimusician, who published "DemoTape" (2001) and "Ich bin dagegen!" (2007) by himself. The music is between punk-rock, rock'n'roll, grage and indie. The lyrics are written about socio-critical topics over drinking-songs up to emotional and private themes handling with his experiences of his childhood. ----------------------------------------- 7) Gonzo the Great, who sings "I'm Going Back There Someday" on The Muppet Movie. ----------------------------------------- 8) Dutch hardcore band from Hoogeveen. Downtuned hardcore which is comparable to bands like Zann, AmenRa, Shikari, Grinding Halt. ----------------------------------------- 9) Upcoming Melbourne producer and DJ, Gonzo has released his debut For You EP as a free download. Drawing from influences such as Suff Daddy, Dilla and Pete Rock Gonzo creates a great range of neo-soul/funk/hip hop productions that shows signs of greater things to come.

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"Smooth Operator"
"Stereo System (feat. Rick Haze)"
"Green Velvet (lyrics)"
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"Love And Hate (lyrics)"
"Get To You"
"Proof That Aliens Exist"
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"Good Good Lovin’"
"Gangster Life"
"Gangster Life"

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