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'Giraffe' is either James Gardener from Santa Cruz, California, or a 1980s progressive rock band fronted by Kevin Gilbert. The former is a musician into Folk, Alt. Country, DIY- and Bluesrock. Starting of as a solo-artist, James founded the Giraffe-band in 2006 and is currently working on his third album for German CDR- and netlabel (to be released in 2007). Check his EP 'Dusty Window' and the debut-album 'Giraffe LP' here at LastFM! Also, The Giraffe is a czech folk/indie/electronic project ... this artist can be found at Kevin Gilbert's Giraffe Giraffe was Kevin Gilbert's 2nd band following his experience with the group "NRG" (No Reason Given). The group released two independent records. 1987's "The Power Of Suggestion" and 1988's "A View From Here." In 1999 Kevin Gilbert's estate released a remastered compilation simply titled "Giraffe" that included 90% of both of those records, along with a bonus and live cut. (

Giraffe Videos (15)

"The Impartial Voice Of Reason"
"Shitstorm Chaser"
"A Bus Out Of Here"
"A Lot Of History In A Very Short Time"
"Bear Trap"
"Eager, Too Eager"
"Diet And Exorcise"
"Goodbye ."
"My Will To Drink"
"Bear Trap"

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