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Free Throw

Free Throw is an Emo/Punk band out of Nashville, TN. They recently signed to Count Your Lucky Stars Records. Full length due out in September 2014. They like beer, house shows, and just good ol' hanging out. They are releasing their second EP "Lavender Town" remastered on vinyl in April 2014. You can download Lavender Town or their first self titled for free from these places: Bandcamp (Lavender Town remastered) Mediafire (Lavender Town) Mediafire (Self Titled) Facebook

Free Throw Videos (15)

"Let’s Get Invisible"
"Such Luck"
"Lavender Town"
"// Two Beers In"
"An Hour Pissed"
"Two Beers In"
"An Hour Pissed"
"Hey Ken, Someone Methodically Mushed The Donuts"
"Tongue Tied"
"How I Got My Shrunken Head"
"Good Job, Champ"
"What Day Is It, October?"
"Kim Tastie"
"Two Beers In"
"Two Beers In"

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